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Google Nest Thermostat - turn the heat up or down via the app when you are away from the property. Useful if you want to warm up a room or the whole house before you arrive (how many rooms you can control depends on how many Nest thermostats you have installed). Also helpful for checking that the heat is on when you are away and the weather is cold enough to freeze pipes, or for checking that you turned the heat down before you left (when you are already on the road!)



Sirkin Law, San Francisco, USA - law firm that specializes in co-owned property. Everything from fractional ownership to inherited family property. Helpful advice articles and sample documents are on the website. Get in touch for help with entity formation, operating agreement drafting, or dispute resolution.


Winter Season Accomodation-Sharing Opportunities

SnowPals Since 1999, we have been passionate about connecting San Francisco Bay Area residents and visitors to Lake Tahoe to enjoy snow-sports and to engage in outdoor recreational activities in Tahoe and in other powder destinations.


Summer Season Accomodation-Sharing Opportunities