Designed to make sharing easier

Multi-User Online Calendar

Check availability 24/7 without any calls or emails. Everyone in the group can log in and check the shared calendar via a phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Access the app via a custom address "yourname".resercal.com, or use your own domain name.

Resercal accounts are hidden from search engines for privacy and log in is required.

Reservations System

Choose from "day part" reservations where you specify the timeslots available (for example 10am-4pm or 2-hour blocks), or "night" reservations where members book use by the night.

Resercal offers three reservation path options. Choose one at account set up, according to your needs:

1. Direct booking. Members make their own reservations through the Resercal app.

2. Date allocations + direct booking. Managers input (or we import from a spreadsheet for you) date allocations that members can confirm or release via the calendar. Once dates are released any other member can reserve them directly.

3. Manager approvals+ direct booking. Members request their preferred dates and location via the Resercal app. Managers confirm, edit or deny reservation requests based on your group's rules for use. Managers can open direct booking as needed.

User Manangement

Managers can edit and cancel any reservation, edit the rules and information pages, and add new Members.
Members can add and edit their own reservations and contact information.
Non-Reserving Members can log in and see the availability calendar but they can't make or edit reservations.

Each account can have more than one Manager and can change them any time. This is useful for groups that rotate management via a board or other method.

Managers can temporarily suspend and reinstate Members via the user management page. A suspended Member can log in but can't see the availability calendar or make a reservation until they are re-instated by a Manager. This can be a helpful non-financial penalty for rule-breaking or late-payment.

Cancellation Policy

When dates are in high demand it can be frustrating if someone reserves a date, then cancels last-minute.

The cancellation feature lets managers (anyone set as a "Manager" on the user management page) specify the cancellation period. It could be 24 hours before the reservation starts, a few hours or a week, depending on your policy.

If you charge for use or have a deposit/use/cancellation rule you can use this feature to account for a late cancellation that blocks other users.

Annual Use Report

Resercal automatically tallies Member use and displays it on the Usage Report page.

This can be helpful for reconciling per diems/usage fees and for planning allocations or just for record-keeping.

The auto-tally saves the time and potential inaccuracy of manually counting up each Member's use.


The waitlisting feature allows a Member to add themselves to the waitlist for an already-reserved date.

The Member who "holds" the initial reservation will receive an email letting them know that another Member is on the waitlist.

If the original holder cancels the first Member on the waitlist automatically takes over the requested dates.

Editable Rules and Information Pages

The rules page makes it easy to keep the latest version of the rules easily accessible to all. Anyone making a reservation must check a box agreeing to abide by the rules. We advise clients to keep the rules page concise so it will be read. Additional information can be stored on the info page.

The information page is a place for Managers to add any useful information such as contact details for the plumber, cleaner, electrician; directions to the nearest ER; or recommended restaurants or babysitters in the area. You can also link out to other information such as meeting minutes, other relevant websites etc.

Managers can easily update the rules and information pages using a familiar word processing style editor, no need for any coding work, just make changes via the editor and hit save.

One Annual Fee

Sign up online now or get in touch for a custom quote or demo.

We will set up the account according to your requirements, then provide you the unique link 'yourpropertyname'.resercal.com.

We can help add users and import any current date allocations from a spreadsheet.