For families, clubs, & friends sharing property

Stress-free Sharing

Save time and reduce friction with Resercal, the scheduling calendar and management app for sharing property.

Members can check availability 24/7 and make reservations. Managers in your group can edit reservations and assign provisional dates to members. Non-reserving Members can view the calendar.

Features like provisional/confirmed reservation status options, waitlisting, use report, and editable rules and information pages are all designed to reduce admin time and relationship friction, making it easier to share well.

"We tried Google Calendar and other options before we found Resercal. This app has been great for our group and it has saved us hours of admin."
-- Family vacation property co-owner.

Set up the time slots and usage options that work for your situation. Allow group members to make their own reservations, check availability and see who else is booked in.

Publish your house rules on the customizable rules page. Members check a box when booking to confirm they have read and agree to abide by the rules.

Managers can add new members and edit any reservation. Managers can also suspend members, preventing them from viewing the calendar or making a reservation until the suspension is lifted.

Add more than one cabin, house or other resource that needs to be reserved. Show all the reservations in one calendar or pick one via the dropdown filter.

Useful if you allocate dates upfront, or if you need to take a deposit or get approval to confirm reservations.

Add group members who can log in and see the availability calendar but can't make or edit reservations.

Members can add themselves to the waitlist for an already-reserved time slot. If the member ahead of them cancels they take the reservation and receive an email confirmation.

Total annual use by each member is automatically tallied and reported by time slot and use type.

Resercal sites are hidden from search engine results and require log in for access. A public-facing front page is available for clubs or groups that need to make information publicly available prior to login.

Managers can easily edit the information page adding the plumber's number, property history, a departure checklist, any useful info that should be easily accessible.

At set up you can pick whether reservations should be by nights or in "Day Parts" such as "Day - 10am-4pm" and "Night 4pm-10am."

We can simplify set up by importing users and date allocations from a spreadsheet. We can also provide an export of your data.

Pricing and Account Set Up

Choose the subscription type that matches your needs and complete your purchase. Once we receive your order we will set up the account for you, then send you the login link. You can also contact us at .

When you are logged in you can make adjustments to the settings and add members. We can import a spreadsheet of users and date allocations or do a custom set up based on your requirements.

StandardScheduling made easy


Up to 20 members
Shared availability & reservations calendar
Member and manager roles
User management
Private url
Annual usage report
Limited customer support via email
PlusLarger groups and multiple reservables


Up to 60 members
All the Features of Resercal Standard
Multiple Reservables
Manager Approval reservations option
Private url or use own domain name
Phone and email customer support
BespokeCustom set up and support

Custom pricing

Based on member numbers
All the features of Resercal Plus
Custom feature development available
Support per your requirements

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Two of the biggest issues facing shared property owners are: 1. How to split the expenses, and 2. Who gets to go on which days/nights? It may take some hard work upfront but getting everyone onboard in writing is crucial to successful sharing. Without this kind of agreement it is likely that resen ...

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About Us

Resercal started as a website for co-owners of a shared family vacation property. The group had been managing the schedule on paper via phone and email and needed an easier and more efficient way to co-ordinate use.

We wanted it to be private, for all the members to be able to see who was going when on one master calendar, for members to be able to reserve their own use, and for there to be a use report.

Resercal is a much-improved web app version of the original website we built. It's designed to solve issues that arise when sharing property. The app is built with Ruby on Rails, the same code that runs Airbnb and Shopify.

Our mission is to make sharing easy, to reduce stress and admin time, to help maintain good relations in sharing groups, and to help preserve special places.

Got Questions? Feature Requests?

We welcome new users and we are are constantly working to improve Resercal based on your feedback and suggestions. Send us an email at